Tolix Kids Stool - Pink Peony. Was €50. Now €38

30.89 (ex. VAT)
Pop Up Element

    This kids stool is one of our flagship products. It is inspired by the Tolix Stool by the designer Xavier Pauchard and has become an icon of the Industrial style .

    It is an original and very practical piece that perfectly combines design and comfort. It presents the ideal dimensions for the little ones to enjoy the style and comfort that it offers. Manufactured in steel, a highly resistant and durable material, it is capable of supporting more than 100 Kg . In addition, its structure is reinforced with metal rods that provide it with greater firmness and stability, and the legs have a special protection for the smallest of the house. It comes with anti-slip and anti-scratch studs that make it suitable for any type of floor. This range, in particular, has a glossy finishwhich, together with the great variety of colors available.  Itwill allow you to bring a touch of freshness and vitality to your space. Its use is exclusive for interiors, being an ideal product for children's spaces, nurseries and bar areas.


    • Material:  Steel
    • Stackable:  Yes
    • Deep:  37 cm
    • Width:  37 cm
    • Height:  30.5 cm