Bains Marie & Chafer Dishes

Here you will find a selection of traditional chafing dishes, where fuel is lit and placed underneath in order to keep the food warm. We also stock a variety of electric models, and both types are ideal for use during parties and events. We also offer complete chafing dish sets, accessories and both liquid and gel fuels.

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Electric Chafing Dish
€157.02 ex. VAT
Madrid Roll Top Chafing Dish
€239.67 ex. VAT
Milan Chafing Set
€33.06 ex. VAT
Milan Chafing Set  1/1GN
€41.32 ex. VAT
Paris Roll Top Chafing Dish Round
€181.82 ex. VAT
Rectangular Electric Chafer
€595.04 ex. VAT
Round Electric Chafer
€471.07 ex. VAT
Soup Chafing Dish
€495.87 ex. VAT
Square Electric Chafer
€595.04 ex. VAT
Table Food Warmer 2 Burner
€36.36 ex. VAT
Table Food Warmer 3 Burner
€39.67 ex. VAT
Vienna Chafing Set
€66.12 ex. VAT